Why Are My Hair Extensions Falling Out? The Guide to a Perfect Install

Unlocking the Secret to Long-Lasting Nano Hair Extensions: Tips for a Flawless Look 

Hey Gorgeous Viola Hair Lovers! 💕

Ever wondered why your Nano hair extensions aren't living up to their full potential? Do you keep asking yourself, “Why are my Nano extensions falling out?” 

We've got the lowdown on potential pitfalls and how to keep those strands where they belong. 🌟Nano extensions exhibit excellent durability when PROPERLY INSTALLED on WELL-PREPARED HAIR.


🧼 Start with a Clean Slate: Ensure your extensions stay put by beginning with freshly washed, clean hair. Oils can be the sneaky culprit causing slippage, so opt for a clarifying shampoo and a thorough wash before your application.

🤷‍♀️ Fully Clamped for Success: Make sure the extension tip is snugly inserted into the bead, forming a seamless bond with your natural hair. It's like a little hair hug that ensures they stay in place.

🤏 Size Matters: The more, the merrier! Ensure you have enough natural hair within the bead to support the extension's weight. A solid foundation means your extensions will hold strong and look fabulous.

Crimp Confidence: It's not just about securing the extension; it's about creating a bond that lasts. Inadequate crimping of the bead, either due to insufficient pressure or incorrect angling, may result in the extensions slipping out.

🙅‍♀️ Home Sweet Haircare: Avoid the most common culprit – improper at-home care. Say no to conditioner, oils, or silicone-based products on the bead, as they're the arch-enemies of longevity. A soft bristle brush and a dry root area are your best friends.


Follow these tips, and you'll be flaunting those flawless Viola Nano extensions with confidence! 💖 Ready to dive deeper into the world of perfect hair? Reach out to us for expert insights and a touch of glamour. 💇‍♀️✨