Let’s Chat Maintenance: Why It's Essential for Your Nano Extensions

Afteryou get your fresh set of nano extensions, it’s super important to book your follow-up maintenance. This keeps your natural hair healthy and gives your extensions an opportunity to shine for a long, long time! But what exactly is nano maintenance, and why do you need it? Let's dive in! ⬇️


What is Nano Maintenance?

Nano maintenance is a process where your hair tech removes and reinstalls every single one of your nano strands. Here’s a breakdown of the process into easy steps ⬇️

  1. Removing Nano Strands: Each nano strand is carefully removed, row by row, from your grown-out extensions.
  2. Brushing Out Shed Hair: Your hair is then brushed out to remove the shed hair trapped there during the weeks you've been wearing the extensions. This is NORMAL! Everyone sheds hair, so no worries—you’re not going bald! 😂
  3. Reinstalling Nano Strands: The same nano strands are reinstalled with a new bead, placed up high again for a fresh start.
  4. Replacing Lost Strands: If you lost any strands during the weeks of wear, they’ll be put back. Make sure you SAVE your strands! It’s normal to lose some strands between installs and maintenance, so store them safely and bring them to your appointment.
  5. Trimming and Styling: Once the hair is reinstalled, your tech may trim and style your hair to perfection, sending you off with AMAZING looking hair!


How Often Do You Need Maintenance?

The frequency of maintenance can depend on your hair, but we generally recommend every 6-10 weeks. Regular maintenance keeps your extensions looking and feeling their best, ensuring longevity and healthy natural hair.

So, don’t forget to prebook your maintenance appointment to keep that new hair of yours looking and feeling amazing! 

 Love your nano extensions? Ensure they stay fabulous with regular maintenance!