Hair Extensions That Pass As Your Own Hair

Unlock the Secret to Perfect Hair Extensions: The Mighty Nano Bead!


Are you tired of hair extensions that scream "fake" instead of blending seamlessly with your natural hair? Look no further! At Viola Hair Canada, we've discovered the ultimate secret weapon for achieving flawless extensions: the nano bead!

It's incredible how such a tiny component can make all the difference. The nano bead is the unsung hero that attaches the extension strand to your natural hair. However, if not matched properly, it can become the biggest giveaway of artificial extensions. That's where Viola Hair Canada's nano beads come in.

Our nano beads are meticulously designed to be discreet and practically undetectable when colour matched perfectly. With 7 shades to choose from – black, dark brown, brown, light brown, dark blonde, golden blonde, and blonde – hair technicians have the power to flawlessly match any client's hair, ensuring a seamless blend that looks entirely natural.


But the benefits don't stop there! Each colour pack of our nano beads contains a generous 1000 beads, providing hair technicians with more than enough material for endless transformations. Plus, here's a pro tip: Ensure your salon is stocked with all 7 shades of beads. They're an affordable tool, and having a variety of shade options can significantly enhance the installation process and overall customer satisfaction.


Ready to take your extension game to new heights? Don't wait any longer! Visit our website today to explore our range of nano beads and find your perfect colour match. Elevate your extensions with Viola Hair Canada – where flawless beauty meets affordability!