Silicone Lined Nano Rings


Silicone lined nano rings are the perfect bead for correctly applying nano tip hair extensions. Each tiny bead has a silicone lining that works as a protective barrier between the metal bead, extension tip and the natural hair.

Viola silicone lined nano beads are available in eight different colours to choose from to make sure the beads can be easily hidden within the client's roots. From blonde to black, light brown to burgundy beads. Also, Viola beads are available to buy in either 250 pieces or 1000, perfect if you just need a few hundred rings for maintenance or if you're applying multiple clients.

What tools do you need to apply Nano tip hair extensions?

Of course, you need nano tip extension, Viola hair extensions offer the best human hair on the market with the longest guarantee in the UK & North America. To hold the extensions to the natural hair you need the strongest and most reliable silicone lined nano beads, a nano loop tool, and to securely clamp the beads into place with nano ring pliers.

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