Wondering if you can have long luscious hair when you currently have short blunt hair?

With nano extensions, the answer is, YES!!

But here are a few things you will want to keep in mind 👇

Ideal Length: The ideal length of natural hair for nano installation is around 7-8” long, but nanos can be installed on shorter hair.

Softening Blunt Cuts: If your cut is very blunt, you will need a haircut to soften up your ends. I know… the thought of cutting more of your natural hair may sound frightening BUT by doing so, you will get a more seamless blend when your nanos are installed! TRUST THE PROCESS!

Styling Needs: Depending on your hair texture (thick coarse hair), you will need to stay on top of styling until your own natural hair grows out more.

Adding Layers: Add a few layers to your extensions. Again, we know the idea of cutting your new longgggg nanos seems unthinkable BUT if you give your new hair some dimension, it will help mask your super short natural layers.

Choosing the Right Length: Take into consideration the length of your new nanos! Since you’re starting out with short hair, to achieve that flawless blend, don’t go any longer than 18”. The goal is to give you length in the most unnoticeable way possible. Going too long too fast might not give you the blend you want!

Nano hair extensions can be absolutely magical when installed correctly! Keep these tips top of mind and you can achieve that seamless length you have been dreaming of!

Check out our website for all the different shades that come in 18” lengths! When you’re ready for your transformation, send us a message!