How to Keep Your Nano Hair Extensions Looking Fabulous

Keep Your Nano Hair Extensions Looking Fabulous with These 3 Easy Tips! 

Don't stress about nano hair extensions! They're seriously here to make your life a breeze! Not only do they make you look stunning with their length, volume, and versatility, but they also kiss goodbye to the days of spending ages styling your hair every morning! 

But listen up, if you want that awesome feeling to stick around, here are three easy-peasy things you can do to keep your new nano hair extensions looking fabulous for longer!

1️⃣ Use Proper Hair Products: Your nano hair extensions deserve the best care! Opt for sulfate-free, gentle shampoos and conditioners to maintain their silky shine and prolong their lifespan. Avoiding harsh chemicals ensures they stay as vibrant as the day you got them!

2️⃣ Get Your Maintenance Every 6-8 Weeks: Think of it as a pre-scheduled date with your hair! Regular maintenance appointments ensure your extensions stay secure and looking flawless. Plus, it's the perfect excuse for a little self-care session!

3️⃣ Follow Your Home Aftercare Tips: Treat your hair right even when you're not in the salon chair! From gentle brushing techniques to using heat protectants, following your aftercare tips keeps your extensions looking fresh between appointments.

Hello, effortless beauty routine!

At Viola Hair Canada, we understand the importance of maintaining that gorgeous look you've achieved with your nano hair extensions. Whether you're a past client, a salon owner, a hair technician, or someone considering getting hair extensions for the first time, these tips are for you!

Let's keep your hair looking fabulous together!