Viola Hair Extensions

#M7/16V Weave Hair Extensions

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Each Viola weft comes as one long piece that can be custom cut and sized to fit each head perfectly, to not only add volume but also to extend the length with beautiful thick ends.

How to apply Flat weft?

Flat wefts can be applied in many different ways exactly the same as the original weft, with beads, threads or to create custom clip-in hair extensions. At Viola Academy we train students the Beaded Weave method, extremely popular among celebrities due to the fast application, no heat or glue needed and the amazing final result of long, flowing, thick hair in under an hour!

What tools do you need for a Beaded Weave?

Silicone Lined Micro Rings 4.5mm will hold a large amount of hair, spreading the tension across multiple strands, and the silicone also adds additional protection to the client's natural hair. Viola weft threads are a mix of cotton and synthetic extremely durable perfect for securing the weft to the beads without fear of it breaking. There is a wide range of pliers available, Viola's new Pro Curved Pliers are amazing designed to apply a massive amount of pressure to the bead without damaging the bead and the client's hair. Of course, every extensionist sectioning clips, pin tail comb and scissors all professional equipment can be found in one place.

At Viola not only do we offer the best hair extensions on the market but we also have the professional tools and equipment all available online and in one place. For Beaded Weave it is important to fit using the best tools and fittings as possible.

All Viola's wefts are Double Drawn Remy European Human Hair, you will not find higher quality hair anywhere else! Viola offers 190 days' quality guarantee, the longest guarantee in the UK!

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